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Nextgate is the solution for product digitalization: it integrates optimised object connectivity, communication interfaces, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Maintenance applications, all in one single package, ensuring affordability, reliability, efficiency, responsiveness, user-friendliness, and robustness.


The platform supports a large number of protocols, making it compatible with most devices.

The system is also open to third party Software integration, allowing data triangulation onto their Cloud and the autonomous design of Apps and Dashboards.


The object starts communicating from the development phase. It continues in the factory, facilitating paths linked to Industry 4.0, and finally arriving at its destination, where it is activated through the provisioning App.


The implementation of advanced security standards allows data protection and constant monitoring of the product’s performance.


A powerful HW (AI-ready) with competitive costs, joined with a suitable advanced sensing system, allows us to quickly achieve the targeted data collection and optimise the process.


Evaluating the object is a fundamental phase. A cross-sectional knowledge of the products facilitates the choice of the components to monitor (which data to collect, how to collect it, and how to extract value from it).

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